Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flower Print Dress

Being an avid pinner (pinterestiner? What?), I constantly find myself starting new projects and forgetting about ones I planned on starting a while ago. This is the case of two of my new projects. One has a happy ending, the other one, not so much. But I'll talk about the happier one today because I have pictures of it and I just feel happy.

I bought this fabric back in July. JULY. What? Yes. And along with that fabric, I bought the Simplicity 3533 pattern, which is the pattern I used to make the following dress.

About 3 weeks ago, I finally decided to get the fabric out of my fabric box but I count find the pattern anywhere! I was really annoyed and anxious because when I really want to finish a project, it's really hard for me to just forget about it. A few days after I started looking, my mom found it! I was happy again, because I could finally make this dress with this super cute fabric.

So I began cutting, and as I was cutting I began to doubt. All the sudden, the fabric looked old ladyish and I didn't know if I was going to like the end result. I am happy to inform that after I was done, I fell in love with the dress. It looked so cute on me. I was so happy that I wore it the next Sunday to church. But that Sunday we had a special stake conference that I knew nothing about, so no one got to see it. And so I decided to wear it again last Sunday. Now everyone could see it :)  I don't think anyone cared, but I cared and I was proud of my creation.

The pattern comes with a belt pattern, but I ran out of the fabric (and so did my local Joann's) so I decided to just use one of my own belts. I like it better that way.

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