Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY: Sheath Dress

So I actually have something super exciting for you today! I got my pretty lycra cotton fabric (a combination I was a little afraid of) and I knew right away what I was going to do with it! I wanted to make a sheath dress, now that summer is over I think it's perfect to wear with some boots or some heels. The fabric is a bit thicker which makes it perfect for the Fall :)

I got the original idea from yet another dress at Ruche (not longer available), I just knew I had to have it, but I knew it would be more fun to make it by myself! 

Making this dress was super easy!

All you need is:

  • A dress that fits well and is of desired length
  • Medium Weight Knit Fabric (I used about 1.5 yard, I wear a size S/M and I'm 5"3')
  • Marking pen, scissors, sewing machine, the basic stuff.

1. First you lay out your fabric, you will need two fabric panels right side together.
2. Grab your dress and pin it to the fabric, I didn't really do that but you can to make sure the dress is secure and your fabric won't move.
3. Trace the whole dress without the sleeves. You can use a yard stick to make it a bit straighter, make sure to trace the curves too! **Leave a little ease just in case, if it's too big you can always make it smaller, but not the other way around!

4. Cut out and use a sewing machine to sew the sides and top
5. cut neckline
6. cut and attach sleeves (link to a tutorial on how to attack sleeves)
7. hem sleeves, and bottom and neckline (I used this zig zag setting for the fabric because it's stretchy)

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