Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Package Idea: Suit Up!

I've never really been very creative when it comes to the packages I send Joey,
but I wanted to change that for the next few packages since I had some really good ideas!

So I am starting a new "series" per say. It'll only happen when I have ideas for packages, so it might be a while until you see the next post.

And if you have any super cute missionary package ideas on your blog  and would love to link up, leave me a comment and I will feature different ideas on my blog! 

For this package I made him a "Suit Up" themed package.
Everyone who sends internationally knows that if a package is over four pounds then it's going to be ridiculously expensive, so I couldn't add everything I wanted. This is why you won't see my boxes super decorated on the inside, I would love to do that but it just wouldn't work out well for my wallet. That's okay though, I really think Joey is going to appreciate it no matter what.

Cards -
I printed out these little necktie cards and had each member of my family write on them congratulating him on his first year on the mission. Print those out, here.

Inspirational sign-
I love all those "Keep Calm and Carry On" inspired posters and sayings, I was lucky to find this "Keep Calm and Suit Up" poster that went along with this package idea. You can find the printable file here.

Staying in the "Suit Up" theme, I thought he could use some new ties that I didn't make him. I am sure he loves the ties I make him, but some other ties never hurt.

September Necktie-
I also included his September necktie! I wrote about it here

 One of the missionaries serving in my area gave me a great idea! He gave me this missionary planner and told me that I could personalize it by writing scriptures on the inside and putting a picture on the front. I took this special picture, but I decided to put it on the back so he wouldn't get in trouble. haha I loved doing this, you might want to ask your missionary to send you a planner of his own so you can personalize it! I know that Joey will love this!

Socks and Shirts-
If you want to suit up, you totally need some black socks and some shirts. And I am sure he could use some anyway, right? I also got him this really cool Pday shirt from this website

Tie Bar-
I absolutely love this tie bar :) and it was only $15 to have both sides stamped! The picture at the bottom is an inside thing between Joey and me. You can find the etsy shop that sells it here

What better way than to spiritually "suit up" than with a CD full of hymns specially for missionaries?! You can get it for free, here.

What have you sent your missionary lately? Got any cool package ideas to share? Halloween Packages? I don't think I will be sending one. I'll just sent him his tie, but I'd love to see what you come up with!
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