Monday, November 4, 2013

Mini Package Idea: Movember!

Sometimes I feel like I am a subtle hipster when it comes to my music taste and other random likes such as the "mustache" trend, now I realize it's come and go but let me tell you, nothing makes me happier than facial-hair Joey. Since missionaries have to be clean shaven at all times, I thought this mini-package would be a fun way to take that "Movember" love to my dear Elder Ireland all the way to Argentina.

Quick story, last november for one of my essays for a political science class, I dated the essay as "Movember 2012." I thought I was funny, but my teacher never said anything about it. haha lame story... sorry.


I included these cute mustache props for Elder Ireland and his companion to take pictures with. You can find the printables, here

I also got these cute little mustache stickers at the Honolulu Walmart about a year ago when I was still at BYUH. I've seriously been waiting all this time just to include it in this package. Haha 

This TieStache imitation necktie I made him. I have a super easy tutorial for it here.

A mini poster to remind him how important this month is! Printable here

You can totally send this mini package in an envelope. Won't cost that much, and it would be super fun. I wanted to make a necktie out of mustache fabric but I couldn't find the right fabric nor do I think he'd be allowed to wear it.

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