Thursday, December 3, 2015

DIY: Burnt Wooden Christmas Ornament

All the firsts in marriage are really exciting. This will be Joey's and I's 1st Christmas being married but it's not our first Christmas together. We have had Christmases since 2008 but this is our first Christmas as our own little family!

I wanted to make a little ornament for our tree which has been up since the Monday before Thanksgiving because we just love Christmas too much to wait.

I made this cute little ornament that blends in well with our red and gold decorations. Here is a little DIY that is super easy!

Click READ MORE below for instructions! 


Wooden Ornament (I got this from Michaels with a coupon on their App!)

Wood burner (Mine is from Joanns, it was about $15 and even cheaper with their coupons!)

A Pencil


Draw desired design with pencil. The best part about doing it with pencil first is being able to erase it if anything goes wrong.

Once you have decided on your design, fire up your wood burner and trace over your pencil design.


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