Tuesday, December 22, 2015

DIY: Ornament Picture Transfer

I have been into wood transferring for a while now and since my parents love our dogs I thought I would make some photo ornaments of our pets for my parents to put on their tree. It's really simple but you just have to have the right materials and patience! Here is a little tutorial on how to make this:

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Wooden ornament (from Joanns)


Mod Podge (in your preferred finish, I picked Gloss finish)

Gel Medium - Heavy Gel (from Michaels)

Printed Pictures


First, you will need to measure your wooden ornaments. Mine were 3.5 Inches x 3.5 Inches and 4 Inches x 3.5 Inches.

Once you have your measurement, pick out your picture and take it on a flash drive to your nearest FedEx office and ask the person there to print it in the thinest paper and to resize it to your measurement.

Grab some Gloss Heavy Gel Medium with your brush and put it all over the wooden ornament. Make sure it's a good amount and it's all uniform.

Once the Gel Medium has been applied, place the picture on a straight and smooth surface and press the wooden ornament over the picture. Flip it over and make sure that there aren't any air bubbles by tracing your fingers over it.

Now let it dry for 6 hours or overnight.

Now that it has dried overnight, you will get a damp piece of cloth like a small towel and put it over the picture. 

Rub the paper with the cloth, but be careful because if you are too rough the picture will rub off. You can also rub the excess paper off with your finger!


After you have gotten as much of the excess paper off, cover the whole thing with your mod podge finish and let it dry!

And then you're done! 

I am showing you both ornaments that I made. The Toby one didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to, but it is still cute! As you can see, some of the picture came off. That happens a lot, and I think it adds to the effect of being handmade.

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