Wednesday, April 27, 2016

DIY: Star Wars Inspired Door Mat

You may not be aware, but I watched Star Wars for the first time back in November. I had promised my husband that I would watch it with him once we got married, I finally did it and I loved it! I'm slightly obsessed to be honest. I am, of course, a big Han Solo and Chewie fan so I decided to make this in their honor.

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A doormat (from Ikea for $5!)
Ruler (to make sure your letters are straight
Stencil (Print it here!)

**EDITED TO ADD: So I guess my pin has gotten a little popular on Pinterest, so I wanted to address some comments I have seen on my pin:

1. Sorry if the lack of comma bothers you, but seriously, that is no problem. Just add it when you try it yourself! I didn't really like the way it looked so I removed it ;)
2. For the paint to not just get soaked, use a straw door mat from Ikea. They are only like $5!! They work so much better!

1. Print out the stencil! 
2. Cut out the letters and put the stencil together on the mat to visualize where the letter will go. Use a ruler if you want!
3. Use tape to keep the stencil down.

4. Since this is a paper stencil, you can't just paint over it because the paint would go through the paper so the best thing is to take a sharpie and trace around the letters

5. After you finish tracing the letters, start painting them with a brush. 

6. Let dry for 24 - 48 hours and use! (As you can see, I ended up removing the triple dots)