Monday, October 31, 2016

A Very Dog Halloween 2016

To continue the tradition of sewing handmade costumes for Halloween, my husband and I decided to have Jake and Toby dress up as The Green Arrow and The Flash. I've been watching the CW shows for years now, but my husband recently got into them and that's all we have been talking about lately, so it felt appropriate! 

I was going to make both costumes, but then I saw the dog flash costume online and I loved it so much! So the only handmade costume this year is the Green Arrow costume Jake is wearing...well, hope you enjoy these cute pups dressed up as super heroes!

Take a look at last year's costumes here and the whole Halloween Feed here.

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it's all in the details

You have failed this puppy
Oliver Queen himself

The fastest dog alive
Costume by!
Terry Allen? (Terrier-Barry)

Items I used:
Fabric: Fleece and black vinyl from Joann's
Others: Dowels, felt (green, brown), hot glue gun to make the arrows.
Pattern : My imagination
Dog: Pomchi

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