Friday, November 25, 2016

First Christmas Tree Keepsake

If you are recently married, and just got your Christmas tree, consider saving a branch or two for this easy DIY project for the sentimental couple.

This will be our second Christmas, but before we threw last year's tree away, we made sure to save some branches from our Christmas tree so that we could make an ornament to keep forever. You don't have to wait a whole year to make this though, you can clip branches now and put this on your tree now.

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So here is what you need:
A clear ornament (I got this one from Joann's on sale!, it was the biggest size)
Tree branches, clip a few just in case!
Some tiny stickers 
Ribbon, for hanging the ornament.

First, place the stickers on the ornament. Mine says "our first tree" but yours can say whatever you want!

Now insert one of the branches you cut off. Trim if necessary.

Add the ribbon and hang! Easy!

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