Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Toby's 4th Gotcha Day

Toby was adopted from Front Street Shelter in Sacramento California on May 29th, 2013. Well, he was technically fostered on that day, but that's the day he left the shelter to his forever home so we celebrate it as his gotcha day every year. 

May 29th, 2017 was no exception. We woke up late because it also happened to be Memorial Day and I had the day off. We had a schedule of activities planned for the day; first, put on the birthday bandana, then take a birthday walk, then come home and get ready to go see my family to continue the celebration, and on our way there we would stop at the Doggie Bag to get a doggie cookie, then we would go to Petsmart to get a birthday toy and then to McDonald's for the birthday plain McDouble, and then we would finally head to my family's place so that Toby could spend his day jumping (because we live on the second floor) and eating and being loved on. 

The day didn't start exactly how we planned. I could not find his birthday bandana, so he ended up wearing one of his other bandanas on his birthday walk. While we were walking, we heard a lot of dogs say "Happy Birthday" to Toby as he walked by (or at least that's what we think they said haha)

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After that, we went to get our birthday cookie, but the store was closed because of Memorial Day :( so we headed to Petsmart, where Toby picked out a squeaky hamburger. We also found some other birthday attire and we purchased a shirt for him to wear around. 

He Squeaked that toy all day.

While we were at Petsmart, we also saw some birds and other doggies


After that, we went to my parents place, where Toby was showered with even more toys. Look how happy he looks!

After we had rested from the excitement so far, we ate our birthday plain McDoubles with Jake! Both dogs were super happy as this only happens twice a year on their birthdays.

We also had cake and we sang Happy Birthday, which Jake enjoyed more than Toby to be honest.


I made the cake using a recipe for a grain free dog cake that you can find here (I used almond flour instead). The cake topper was made using an old picture of Toby and my Silhouette.

The boys really seemed to like the cake. I made two little cakes and stacked them on top of each other so that both boys could share without there being any problems.

After that, the humans had food and chatted around the table while the dogs rested and we went back to our apartment where we took a few more pictures of the birthday boy before his special day was over.

And then while I was telling him the story of how he was adopted, he fell asleep. Overall, Toby had a nice day surrounded by family who loves him and who were happy to celebrate another year since his adoption. It's also a chance for Toby to stock up on squeaky toys ;)

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Toby sleeping on his bed

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