Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Completed: New Look A6262 Chambray Dress

I know it's not quite fall yet, but this dress is three years in the making and I am excited to show it off. With getting married, getting used to married life and my Etsy shop keeping me super busy, it has been hard to make anything for myself in a long while!

It all started when I saw this dress. I really loved how simple and cute it was! But I wasn't a fan of the maxi style, the dress seemed simple enough so I decided to make it without a pattern. That is where I went wrong. I tried building the bodice twice without a pattern, and I messed up both times. Finally, I decided that I would like to stop wasting so much fabric and used a pattern for the bodice. The skirt was a simple gathered skirt. There are many tutorials out there that show you how to make a gathered skirt, or you could also use the skirt pattern that comes with this dress pattern. I didn't because it seemed more time consuming. I also wanted to add pockets to mine, so I did that!

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Here are some specifics about this project:

Link to original dress here.
Pattern: New Look A6262 View B
Fabric: Joann's Chambray section. They have a ton of different shades!
Modifications: I made the sleeves longer so that I could roll them. I made my own skirt and added pockets instead of using the skirt that came with the pattern.

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