Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jake's 8th Birthday!

My dog Jake turned 8 yesterday! We were going to have a doggy birthday party for him the Saturday before, but I got a migraine on Thursday night, which knocked me out for all of Friday and most of Saturday so getting ready for a party was not going to happen. I was super bummed because I had been planning this for a while! 

Regardless, Jake's birthday was on Monday and I went over to my parents, made him a little cake and sang him happy birthday with the fam! Hopefully we will reschedule the party for sometime soon.

Jake was a present for my husband on our one year dating anniversary. I got him as a puppy and he was (still is) the cutest thing ever. He was tiny, and the fur on his face was black, and he couldn't walk straight. I remember when I went to pick him up, he greeted me at the door by barking at me. And barking is definitely what he does best. Jake loves to bark at everything.

In the past eight years, he has become a central part of my family. He is like a little person, who loves attention, but only when he asks for it. He loves to run and play with his teddy bear, he loves to go on car rides (even though after the car accident, he's not a fan of trucks), and he loves to wear cute clothes that call people's attention. Jake is truly his own little dog, and he fills our lives with so much happiness. I love this doggy so much and I am happy I get to be his dog mom forever. 

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Has 8 ever looked so good? Here is Jake resting before all the fun began!

Jake's birthday cake! I made it using another dog cake recipe I found online. I actually liked this one better than the one I did for Toby's birthday. They really liked it! The cake topper was made with my Silhouette Cameo.

If there is something Jake loves more than barking, it's when happy birthday is sung. He loves it. I think he identifies it as some type of celebration. He has always loved it when people sing him happy birthday. Here is is enjoying his cake:

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